Has Donald Trump and his administration made the coronavirus crisis worse?

I decided to jump head first into a very complicated topic for my latest video: Has the president made the coronavirus crisis worse in the United States? It’s hard to argue otherwise considering the late response, disjointed measures, and straight-up denialism that Trump and his appointees have employed.

A crisis demands leadership, but it also requires a functioning government apparatus. Unfortunately, President Trump and his administration have offered neither. We see the real repercussions of this in the recent grim milestone of 100,000 Americans dead from coronavirus, a staggering amount of preventable death for any administration to oversee. This video was recorded days before that death count raised that high, but everything I discuss still applies.

The discourse in our country was so polarized before this crisis, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this would continue throughout. But it’s important or every American to reflect on the questions: How could this happen? Why did this happen? And what can we do about it?

One answer is to vote in competent leaders who actually believe in governing, rather than furthering their own interests along with stoking an ongoing and divisive culture war.


Published by Joe Payne

Joe Payne is a lifelong resident of the Santa Maria Valley who teaches music, performs, and tunes pianos (pianopayne.com). He's also a seasoned journalist who shares his own reporting and opinion on matters local and national (politicalpayne.com).

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