Understanding power dynamics amid the Minneapolis riots

It’s astounding. Damn near unbelievable. But here we are.

In the midst of a historic pandemic, the ongoing crisis of police violence against people of color in the United States has flared up again, with the fallout appearing worse than ever. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, senselessly killed by Minneapolis officer Derek Chuavin just days ago, riots have overtaken the midwestern town and now much of the country.

I feverishly made this video on on May 29 to try and keep up with the crisis, but it’s since ballooned to demonstrations across the nation. The issues I focus on in this video have been repeated across the nation: law enforcement meeting civil resistance with violence, angry mobs setting buildings on fire, and citizens crying out for the humanity of people like George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Sandra Bland, and sickeningly, the list goes on.

And among this crisis, as America burns and screams out for justice, a disturbing streak of authoritarian viciousness rears it ugly head. Journalists like myself sounded the alarm on President Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies early, and were met with derision and hostility, but the warning signs were all there. It’s never been more painful to be right, because the truth is more harrowing than hopeful, and facing that truth is more than I think most Americans can stand.

I wish I had answers, but all I can do is try to explain what I’m seeing, and it’s far from good. But here we are.


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4 Minneapolis officers fired after death of George Floyd:


Derek Chauvin arrested:


Derek Chauvin and second officer had history of complaints:




Umbrella Man


CNN reporter and crew arrested:


Trump’s tweet:


Michigan Statehouse protests:


Trump spurs Michigan protests:


Trump’s war against Twitter:


Trump supporter sent bomb to CNN:


Trump and Police Brutality:


Amy Klobuchar’s prosecutorial record:


Amy Cooper:



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Joe Payne is a lifelong resident of the Santa Maria Valley who teaches music, performs, and tunes pianos (pianopayne.com). He's also a seasoned journalist who shares his own reporting and opinion on matters local and national (politicalpayne.com).

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