How Trump and Republicans are working to STEAL the 2020 Election

The Republican Party and President Donald Trump are truly masters of projection. Despite the fact that there’s virtually no evidence of widespread fraud committed through vote by mail in the United States, it doesn’t stop Trump and the Republicans from claiming there is and seeking to delegitimize the will of the electorate.

Trump has been laying the groundwork for stealing the 2020 election since 2016, claiming that millions of “illegals” voted across the country to help Hillary Clinton win the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Trump’s administration started a voter fraud commission, which found literally nothing. And now, with Trump polling well below Democratic Party challenger Vice President Joe Biden, he’s hoping Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett will help him defy the will of voters and steal the election with the excuse of vote by mail being “corrupt.”

What’s even more impressive about the shamelessness of this massive lie, is that among the very small number of voter fraud cases committed in the US, most examples involve Republicans trying to vote twice or sway close elections in their favor. California Republicans recently set up vote by mail drop off boxes that they fraudulently labeled as “official.”

Again, masters of projection. Check out the video for more.

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California GOP: Ballot box strategy is bigger than previously reported


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