Donald Trump and his administration are dangerous for America

Some things you just can’t sugarcoat. Some issues don’t have “two sides” that should be equally respected. Some issues are so clear, that you have to speak the truth about them.

Donald Trump and his administration are dangerous for America on so many levels: from the erosion of justice to flagrant corruption to trampling on human rights to the disregard for human life, the Trump administration has been an abject failure. Not only that, but they have flown in the face of every norm and scientific fact that has held the nation together until the crisis moment we find ourselves in.

In this video, I go on an extended rant about the unique dangers that Trump poses to the United States. Yes, it’s an opinion, but it’s an informed one. I’d also like to dedicate this video to Michael Brooks, a cherished YouTube commentator who was taken too early on July 20, 2020, and has been a huge influence on me and the beginning this channel.

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Links to reporting I relied on for this video:

Mike Flynn worked for Turkey and didn’t disclose

Pompeo Saudia arms deal

Trump fires inspector generals

Bill Barr and Iran Contra

Geoffrey Berman fired from New York’s second district

Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence

Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election

Trump family promotes Goya brand products

Trump attacks Joe Biden from Rose Garden address

Childhood detention and the Trump administration

“Secret Police” in Washington:

Bill Bar orders attack on peaceful protestors:

Federal Law enforcement use unmarked vehicles to grab protestors off Portland Streets

Acting DHS Secretary justifies arrests with photos of graffiti

Trump labels Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA a “fascist movement”

Coronavirus case numbers

Texas man attended “COVID party”

Santa Maria Valley farmworkers suffering from coronavirus

Betsy DeVos interview on CNN:

Republican governor says Trump didn’t help his state with coronavirus response

New Zealand reports zero active cases

Trump profiting off of presidency

Catholic Church coronavirus aid:

Trump accused of raping 13-year-old girl

Black Lives Matter organizer targeted with cross burning

Trump blames COVID numbers on testing

Nancy Pelosi “yearns for past Republican presidents”

Harpers Letter

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has cancer again


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