America descends into deadly political street violence

As the era of Donald Trump sinks deeper into an HP Lovecraft-style nightmare, as if a bungled pandemic and hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from coronavirus wasn’t enough, the streets of the U.S. have now descended into deadly politically-motivated street violence.

After Kenosha, Wisconsin police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back, concerned community members chanting “Black Lives Matter” took to the street, but so did white militia members including 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three protestors, killing two. The Kenosha Police, which had not long before tossed Rittenhouse a bottle of water and thanked him for being there, drove right by him after the shooting, allowing Rittenhouse to return home to Illinois before he was ever arrested.

Days later, in Portland, Oregon, a caravan of rightwing provocateurs rampaged through town shooting paintballs and bear mace into crowds of Black Lives Matter protestors, and hours later in a street scuffle, a member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer was shot dead. The rampant dishonesty of rightwing media and online grifters was on full display as arguments of “self defense” in support of Rittenhouse went to “ANTIFA terrorist!” the next regarding Portland.

And then, Donald Trump attempts to somehow blame the current sad, sorry state of America on Joe Biden. You couldn’t make this nonsense up if you tried.

UPDATE: It appears FBI agents have killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while attempting to arrest him in connection with the shooting in Portland, Oregon. Reinhoehl gave an interview to Vice explaining why he shot and killed a member of Patriot Prayer.


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