Why are conservatives protesting stay-at-home orders?

I grew up (and still live in) a conservative California town, so I’ve always known conservatives and I’ve always been fascinated by their way of thinking. There’s the deep hate and distrust for the government, unless a Republican is in charge. There’s the insistence that their freedom is endlessly being trampled on by Democratic lawmakers via taxation, gun control, or treating undocumented immigrants like human beings, yet they continually support the most authoritarian politicians and policies with a nationalistic fervor, branding anyone who disagrees as an unAmerican enemy.

The schizophrenic nature of it all can be confusing, so with the focus on the ongoing lockdown protests by conservative groups and individuals, I delve a bit into the why of modern conservative ideology and how that informs the current situation. I see plenty of people responding with anger and confusion over why people would be so cavalier about a global health crisis, but in a way this is how the game has always been played in American politics. I find understanding the ideology, the motivations, and the influences helps us process all the craziness. Hope you enjoy the video!


Published by Joe Payne

Joe Payne is a lifelong resident of the Santa Maria Valley who teaches music, performs, and tunes pianos (pianopayne.com). He's also a seasoned journalist who shares his own reporting and opinion on matters local and national (politicalpayne.com).

2 thoughts on “Why are conservatives protesting stay-at-home orders?

  1. That was brilliant…and this level shows me your raising your game…how did you even achieve such a high state of awareness growing up in Santa Maria?


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